How Children Can Teach Us To Push For What We Want

 Afraid of the Ask?


     Charlotte, my niece, doesn’t have that issue. She asks 10+ hours a day. OmriiiOmriii …Omri.” She doesn’t tire. Eventually, she manages to get everyone calling. Always with little Charlotte screaming in the background. “Omriiiii.” Must be the blue eyes? 

     At the time of this writing, she has already tricked my mother into letting her off her eating duties. She snuck, opening the gate to the upstairs, and entered the room. Now she sits on my lap, awaiting the chance to smash the keyboard and deliver her opening address to the world. Super eager. Staring and stretching out, ready to play.

     So I bet you’re wondering what super power my little niece possesses to be able to sell ice to the Eskimo. It’s really simple, ladies and gentleman, how many of you have just asked someone to get to know them. You would be surprised with the results. 

     How many of you have made the ask at work? How many of you made the ask for business? Take a moment to reach back in time. Many of you will feel that gripping feeling in your chest, that fear of approach. Of failure. Rejection. if you don’t jump you’ll never know if you could fly. Time really does move fast. Don’t move into old age, never knowing your limitations.

    Many in sales do everything that’s involved in the sales cycle. They provide all the answers the client has questions about, shows the value of the product or service, follows up with the clients’ requests, designs and delivers a solid proposal, then never asks for the business. 


    Hmmm… Swap work related words with personal ones. Get it?


     I have always believed that life reflected business.  Companies to me are like babies and it’s beautiful to watch them grow. There is nothing like watching it grow and feel that great satisfaction. Life is about moving forward and I’m here to stay, so get on board. With me, you’re not alone. 

Are you ready to move forward?


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