The Secret to Success

    I pride myself on being excellent in just about everything I do. I also beat myself up if I am not absolutely murdering the competition. I won’t sleep. I won’t eat. I’ll only work. Sleep at work to shave 2 hours of commute a day! THAT is the level of commitment you need to ‘Win Big.’

   I was inspired to write this after a long break from entrepreneurship, where, during my break, I decided to build companies for other people and to generally give back. Rule number one about any business ( & life in general):

“Businesses are a living, breathing, heart beating thing.”   -Omri Gottlib

    Too many times I find people with passion pursuing dreams, goals, & aspirations. Their beautiful and warm, just like being in love. People forget to structure and strategize their endeavors. They might know it, but forget to stick to time tested and proven strategies, like a simple checklist. It’s amazing how few people structure their lives and wonder why the thing is a mess! Are sales dead? I wonder why.

   Some of you already are on the grind and hustling. Some of you reading this are still dreaming, buying into the fantasy people sell. The quote below is deeper than the surface. It applies to time. It applies to money. It applies to Love, and so much more.
                                          … I look forward to sharing more.

Think Wisely

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