Tech 3 Enterprises, a new company, was one of our recent customers that required the full suite of our services.  We went on site Business consulting, as well as building a full suite of eCommerce, local, and aggressive growth strategies.

   Brand activation:  We began to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around the tech 3 service. Activation’s, often inclusive and interactive, ignite the fire that will act as the light for people to find the service and align with its purpose.

    eCommerce Platform Development:  Due to the lack of complexity od the site we decided to build the site on the ever so popular CMS known as WordPress. WooCommerce Was used for the eCommerce platform and reinforced with Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Varnish Cache. Help Desk, Project management,  CRM System, Social Media Management, Email Hosting, Analytics, Customer Leads Acquisitions, Heat mapping, and Advertising setup among other systems that were put in place.

 Research:  The depth that we go into every client’s’ competitors is unparalleled. We work to find every single thing that your competitors do right and we develop strategies to counter and excel even further in the online and local marketplace.

Strategy: All of this work would have been quite a failure as we faced challenges in getting authorization to spend on paid advertising to generate leads. Here we will share some of our results in under a months time on this project.

    1. Doubled the potential size of the company.
    2.  Found effective strategies to cut Adwords costs by 66.7%
    3.  Formulated a strategy for aggressive growth throughout the east coast.