Think Facebook Can’t Help You? Here are 3 Tips!

How to Optimize Facebook for Social Media Brand Marketing

One of the most important avenues to consider when it comes to online business marketing, especially for start-ups and individual enterprises is the social media giant, Facebook. This social media platform has been home to several start-ups as it fosters business growth and helps establish a client base. With 1.28 billion average daily active users as of March 2017, every first-time marketer who wants to succeed would definitely think of advertising in this increasingly popular medium.

Facebook has proven to be a very effective online branding and marketing tool for a number of entities. Let’s take a look at how start-ups and big companies utilized Facebook in promoting their brands. Their success stories are truly inspiring and would surely make you want to emulate their strategies.

Lifestyle brand SA Company has tapped Facebook in creating brand awareness to its target market through connecting with them in a personal manner. According to its chief executive officer (CEO) Thomas DeSernia, Facebook has enabled him to build a global brand with the use of carousel adverts and link ads to launch campaigns for its product lines. The company also developed Custom Audiences from its signup lists as well as its international lookalike audiences, allowing it to direct its ads to customers in various countries. With the aid of the Facebook pixel, SA Company was able to optimize and create audiences for its advertising campaigns. As a result of using Facebook in marketing its products, the company was able to grow from a single employee to more than 50, while its sales rose by a whopping 37%. That is the power of leveraging social media.

Award-winning Egyptian fashion house Temraza Haute Couture, which markets handmade evening and bridal gowns, exploited Facebook advertising to gain international brand recognition and identity. CEO Farida Temraza introduced an advertising campaign using Facebook’s targeting tools, where she can select her target audiences specifically those who have more or less the same qualities of those who responded to her ads. To achieve a wider reach for her campaigns, she boosted her posts. Her Facebook optimization strategies did not stop here. She also carried out A/B testing which allowed her to compare the performance of her marketing campaigns. The result of her efforts was an increase in sales of up to 55% in just six months.

Well-known beverage company Coca-Cola utilized Facebook advertising to increase brand awareness in the South African market. The company introduced a three-month ad campaign composed of carousel, canvas, and video ads to reach millions of people who used different kinds of mobile devices. The use of Facebook advertising has proven to be a cost-effective marketing strategy for Coca-Cola, actually thrice more cost-effective than television ads and six times compared to other digital video ads.

To sum it up, here are some Facebook strategies employed by most successful brands and businesses.

Utilizing split testing in Facebook advertising

Most Facebook advertisers conduct split testing to determine how the different variables such as audiences, placements, and delivery optimization affect the performance of their advertisements across a variety of devices and browsers.You can actually see how split testing is done in Facebook’s help options. This feature is now available to advertisers via Ads Manager and the Facebook Ads application-programming interface (API) worldwide.


Creating High-Quality Content

Facebook itself has made several updates in its algorithm to ensure that the right content reaches the right audience. In an effort to understand what posts are regarded as high quality to people, Facebook has created a new algorithm to factor into News Feed. So what does this mean for advertisers? For pages that have relatively good engagement, their reach continues to increase. This is the main reason why advertisers need to produce high-quality content so they can continue to stay in the ranks.


Here are a few secrets on how to create engaging Facebook content.

  • Make sure your posts are timely and relevant.
  • Establish integrity and trust with your audience.
  • Examine whether your post is worth sharing by looking at the posts and comments of your audience.
  • Monitor what your competitors are posting in their pages and create content on the same topic.
  • Create a list of relevant hashtags you can find in social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and make use of them in your content.
  • Follow people and organizations that inspire your business and mention them in your Facebook posts if they are not your competitors.
  • List down industry specific blog posts and subscribe to their blogs if they share the same Facebook content technique with yours.
  • To raise your Facebook page engagement, try using contests and social promos.

What to Consider When Creating Your Facebook Post

  • Don’t put too much text on your post or else you’ll bore your audience. Limit your characters to 120 to 140 so you can make sure your audience will get your message.     
  • Don’t include more than one link in your Facebook post so as not to confuse your audience.
  • Don’t make a direct promotion of your products or services on your Facebook posts like you usually do in flyers or print ads. You can be at least creative in your sales promotion by giving valuable information to the audience.
  • Your work as advertiser doesn’t just end in posting your ad. You also need to monitor it and analyze the level of engagement.
  • Don’t forget to respond to your Facebook post comments in a timely manner, Especially if those are negative feedback.


Taking into consideration these tips, hope you can find the right formula to grow your brand with the aid of Facebook. Happy posting!

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